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Drug Delivery Systems for Metabolic Disorders
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Main description:

Drug Delivery Systems for Metabolic Disorders presents the most recent developments on the targeted delivery of drugs to deal with metabolic disorders in a safe, compliant and continuous way. The book covers recent developments in advanced drug delivery systems in various metabolic disorders, including disturbances in protein, lipid, carbohydrate and hormone metabolism and lysosomal and mitochondrial disorders. It provides a brief introduction to metabolic disorders, along with a focus on the current landscape and trends in understanding disease pathology using different in vitro and in vivo models required for clinical applications and developments of new therapeutics.

Each subsequent chapter covers drug delivery systems dedicated to metabolic diseases caused by disturbances in protein, lipid, carbohydrate and hormone metabolism. Then, it moves on to cover lysosomal storage disorders and applications of phytopharmaceuticals in this context. This is the perfect reference for researchers in pharmaceutical science who are interested in developing new treatments for metabolic diseases.


1. Introduction to metabolic disorders 2. Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in metabolic disorders 3. Current practices in drug delivery for metabolic disorders 4. Recent developments towards treatment of amyloidosis. 5. Advanced drug delivery systems targeting to improve therapeutic outcomes in Porphyria 6. Advanced drug delivery systems targeting Kwashiorkor involving disturbance in protein metabo-lism 7. Advanced drug delivery systems targeting metabolic disorders involving a disturbance in protein metabolism: Erythropoietic Uroporphyria. 8. Combating Atherosclerosis with novel drug delivery approaches: From benchside to commerciali-zation 9. Advanced drug delivery systems in the management of Gaucher Disease 10. Advanced drug delivery systems focusing the metabolic disorders due to deregulation of lipid me-tabolism: Niemann Pick Disease & Letterer-Siwe disease 11. Novel Drug Delivery system to treat Niemann-Pick disease 12. Novel 3D printing drug delivery system for the prevention and treatment of Atherosclerosis 13. Advanced drug delivery systems to treat Huntington disease: Challenges and opportunities 14. Advanced Drug Delivery Systems for obesity 15. Advanced drug delivery systems probing the metabolic disorder due to deregulation in carbohy-drate metabolism 16. Advanced drug delivery systems dealing with metabolic disorder due to disturbance in hormone metabolism- hypoglycaemia and hyperglycemia, 17. EMERGING drug delivery in the treatment of hyperpituitarism and hypopituitarism 18. Advanced drug deliver system dealing with metabolisn disorders due to disturbance in harmone metabolism example Hypoparathyroidism and Hyperparathyroidism 19. An update on development of advanced drug delivery systems for treatment of hyperthyroidism 20. Advanced drug delivery systems involving lysosomal storage disorders for Schinder disease and other disorders 21. Advanced drug delivery systems involving lysosomal storage disorders for Fabry disease 22. Drug delivery systems in Krabbe Disease: Present and prospective approaches. 23. Advanced Treatment Strategies to combat Tay-Sachs Disease (TSD) 24. Sandhoff Disease: Pathology and Advanced Treatment Strategies 25. Nanomaterial-based drug delivery approaches for metabolic disorders. 26. Eye in Metabolic Disorders: Manifestations and Drug Delivery Systems 27. Advanced drug delivery systems involving mitochondrial disorders 28. Application of phytoceuticals in targeting metabolic disorders 29. Phytonanoparticles towards the treatment of diabetes. 30. Role of Neutraceuticals in metabolic disorders 31. Latest Advances of phytomedicine in drug delivery systems for targeting metabolic disorders. 32. Clinical trials, future prospects and challenges of drug delivery in combating metabolic disorders


ISBN-13: 9780323996167
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: August, 2022
Pages: 250
Weight: 450g
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Subcategories: Pharmacology


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