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Schachner and Hansen's Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology
Two Volume Set
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Main description:

This two volume set is a complete guide to the diagnosis and treatment of paediatric skin conditions.

With its first edition having published more than 33 years ago, this reference is renowned amongst clinicians practising in the field of paediatric dermatology.

The fifth edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide all the latest techniques and therapeutic advances for daily practice.

More than 2000 clinical and histologic pictures, the majority new to this edition, illustrate all the skin conditions described in the comprehensive text covering 2500 pages, across the two volumes. Detailed references offer suggestions for further reading.

Divided into 22 sections, the book begins with an introduction to basic science and discussion on diagnosis in paediatric dermatology. The following chapters cover a multitude of conditions, from genetic diseases, eczema, and pigmentary disorders, to vascular anomalies, tumours and cysts, skin infections, and many more. The book concludes with a section on the principles of treatment.

A complete section is dedicated to neonatal disorders.

The book is edited by Madrid-based Antonio Torrelo, with contributions from numerous other experts in the field.

The previous edition (9780723435402) published in 2010.


Section 1: Basic Science
Section 2: Principles of Diagnosis in Pediatric Dermatology
Section 3: Neonatal Disorders
Section 4: Genetic Diseases of the Skin in Children
Section 5: Cutaneous Mosaicism
Section 6: Immunodeficiency and Immunopathology
Section 7: Papulosquamous Diseases
Section 8: Eczema in Children
Section 9: Vesiculobullous Diseases
Section 10: Vascular Reactions
Section 11: Rheumatologic and Collagen Vascular Diseases
Section 12: Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
Section 13: Diseases of the Dermis and Subcutaneous Tissue
Section 14: Pigmentary Disorders
Section 15: Hair, Nails and Mucous Membranes
Section 16: Vascular Anomalies of Children
Section 17: Diseases of the Hematopoietic System
Section 18: Benign Tumors and Cysts
Section 19: Malignant Proliferations of the Skin
Section 20: Reactions to External Agents
Section 21: Skin Infections
Section 22: Principles of Treatment in Pediatric Dermatology


ISBN-13: 9789352703005
Publisher: Jaypee Medical (Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers)
Publication date: March, 2022
Pages: 2500
Weight: 657g
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Subcategories: Dermatology, Diseases and Disorders, Paediatrics and Neonatal


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