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The Simulated Administrative Medical Office
Practicum Skills for Medical Assistants powered by SimChart for the Medical Office
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Main description:

Get hands-on practice with 100 administrative Medical Assisting tasks! The Simulated Administrative Medical Office, 2nd Edition walks you through ten days on the job as an administrative medical assistant working in the front office of a medical practice. Using SimChart for the Medical Office, this book simulates the tasks you will perform daily, including appointment scheduling, completion of common forms, correspondence, inventory, telephone messages, and coding and billing. Written by educator Julie Pepper, this how-to manual provides a practicum experience that will build your confidence in using EHR software and help you succeed in your first job.

100 SimChart for the Medical Office (SCMO) tasks organized into 2 weeks of work each simulate actual office duties, providing practice with patient scheduling, billing, insurance processing, and more. (SCMO sold separately.)
Case-based format applies all tasks to realistic patient encounters, building students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Step-by-step instructions simplify the tasks, helping students learn accuracy and speed within a fast-paced medical office.
Online forms and documents simulate the office experience and support the electronic workflow.
Tasks fully align with ABHES and CAAHEP competencies for Medical Assisting.
Content supports preparation for certification as a Medical Assistant and Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist.

NEW! Twice the number of tasks are included and increase in complexity throughout the day and week.
NEW text discussions provide context for on-the-job reference, especially on insurance and coding.
NEW illustrations include realistic patient forms and screen shots.


Introduction Day One 10 Tasks (covering such topics as risk management, schedule preparation, scheduling appointments and consultations, preparing written communications, and managing records and patient lists) Day Two 10 Tasks (covering such topics as patient lists, patient reception, appointment scheduling, medical scribing, emergency appointments)

Day Three 10 Tasks (covering such topics as patient referral, medical scribing, insurance claims, communications, and superbills)

Day Four 10 Tasks (covering such topics as appointment requests, correspondence, scheduling, and records management)

Day Five 10 Tasks (covering such topics as medical scribing, posting charges to a superbill, billing and banking procedures, and financial management)

Day Six 10 Tasks (covering such topics as research, meetings, telephone and text messaging, and scheduling)

Day Seven 10 Tasks (covering such topics as insurance claim forms, reception, nursing home services, appointment requests, scheduling surgeries, and medical records management)

Day Eight 10 Tasks (covering such topics as office management, inventory management, appointment requests, and medical scribing)

Day Nine 10 Tasks (covering such topics as patient registrations, medical coding, and the health history form)

Day Ten 10 Tasks (covering such topics as EHR information, dashboards, and features)


ISBN-13: 9780323829519
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier - Health Sciences Division)
Publication date: April, 2022
Pages: 288
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