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Your Health at Work
An Indispensable Guide to Physical and Mental Wellbeing
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Main description:

Your Health at Work is your fully researched and up-to-date guide to the most common health risks at work in the UK and how you can tackle them. The TUC expertly explains your legal rights, how to avoid injury and illness and what support is available to you.

Covering the full range of industries, Your Health at Work provides guidance for everyone. Both physical health (e.g. aches and strains, hazardous substances, accidents) and mental health (anxiety, depression, bullying) are comprehensively discussed to provide you with reliable help and advice on the full range of potential health problems at work. The stories of real workers who have encountered health issues at work are included to make sure that this book is fully representative of real life and gives practical, and sometimes inspirational, insights to support you and your health every day at work.


Chapter - 00: Introduction;

Section - ONE: Mental Health and Wellbeing;

Chapter - 01: Safeguarding Mental Health;
Chapter - 02: Redressing Stress;
Chapter - 03: Bullying at the Workplace and Beyond;
Chapter - 04: Suicide;

Section - TWO: Physical Health;

Chapter - 05: Occupational Cancers and Hazardous & Dangerous Substances;
Chapter - 06: Musculoskeletal Disorders;
Chapter - 07: Disability Discrimination and Reasonable Adjustments;
Chapter - 08: Physical Health for an Ageing Workforce;
Chapter - 09: Working Time;
Chapter - 10: Night and Shift Work;
Chapter - 11: Physical Wellbeing and Health Initiatives;
Chapter - 12: Access to Occupational Health Advice;

Section - THREE: Health and Wellbeing for Specific Groups;

Chapter - 13: New Ways of Working;
Chapter - 14: Young or Inexperienced workers and apprentices;
Chapter - 15: Accommodating Specific Conditions;
Chapter - 16: Migrant Workers;
Chapter - 17: Violence and Abuse;
Chapter - 18: Gender and Transgender Issues;

Section - FOUR: Legal Rights and Expectations;

Chapter - 19: Realising Your Rights


ISBN-13: 9780749481506
Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd
Publication date: September, 2018
Pages: 280
Dimensions: 140.00 x 215.00 x 15.00
Weight: 355g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Public Health


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