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The Blood-Brain Barrier
Methods and Protocols
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Main description:

This detailed volume features techniques to explore the complex interface that separates the systemic circulation from the central nervous system, known as the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Beginning with an introduction to its physiology, the book continues with sections on using pluripotent stem cells in models of the BBB, co-culture, permeability and transwell models, microfluidic and chip models, as well as models to study specific BBB pathologies. Written for the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.
Authoritative and practical, The Blood-Brain Barrier: Methods and Protocols collects a wide range of methodologies which will aid all researchers in the fascinating world of the blood-brain barrier.


Part I: Introduction to Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Physiology

1. Cells of the Blood-Brain Barrier: An Overview of the Neurovascular Unit in Health and Disease

Heather L. McConnell and Anusha Mishra

2. In Vitro Models of the Blood-Brain Barrier

Snehal Raut, Aditya Bhalerao, Behnam Noorani, and Luca Cucullo

Part II: Using Pluripotent Stem Cells in Models of the BBB

3. In Vitro Models of the Human Blood-Brain Barrier Based on Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Opportunities and Challenges

Iqra Pervaiz and Abraham J. Al-Ahmad

4. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-Derived Endothelial Cells to Study Bacterial-Brain Endothelial Cell Interactions

Eric R. Espinal, S. Jerod Sharp, and Brandon J. Kim

5. An hiPSC-Derived In Vitro Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier

Mary Goodwin-Trotman, Krushangi Patel, and Alessandra Granata

6. A Three-Dimensional Brain-on-Chip Using Human iPSC-Derived GABAergic Neurons and Astrocytes

Lumei Liu, Youngmi Koo, Teal Russell, and Yeoheung Yun

Part III: Co-Culture, Permeability, and Transwell Models of the BBB: Methods for Studying Shear Stress, Barrier Integrity and Breakdown

7. An Improved In Vitro Porcine Blood-Brain Barrier Model for Permeability Screening and Functional Studies

Adjanie Patabendige

8. Establishment of an In Vitro Model of Human Blood-Brain Barrier to Study the Impact of Ischaemic Injury

Rais Reskiawan A. Kadir, Mansour Alwjwaj, and Ulvi Bayraktutan

9. A Novel Dynamic Human In Vitro Model for Studying the Blood-Brain Barrier

Patricia Miranda-Azpiazu and Sikha Saha

10. A Dynamic, In Vitro BBB Model to Study the Effects of Varying Levels of Shear Stress

Gemma Molins Gutierrez, Jordi Martorell, Antonio G. Salazar-Martin, and Mercedes Balcells

Part IV: Microfluidic and Chip Models of the BBB

11. Novel, Emerging Chip Models of the BBB and Future Directions

Paul M. Holloway

12. Integrating Primary Astrocytes in a Microfluidic Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier

Eliana Lauranzano, Marco Rasile, and Michela Matteoli

13. Fabrication of Microtube-Embedded Chip to Mimic Blood-Brain Barrier Capillary Vessels

Dilshan Sooriyaarachchi, Shahrima Maharubin, and George Z. Tan

14. BBB-on-a-Chip: Modeling Functional Human BBB by Mimicking 3D Brain Angiogenesis Using Microfluidic Chip

Somin Lee, Minhwan Chung, and Noo Li Jeon

Part V: Models to Study Specific Pathologies at the BBB: Cancer, Neurodegeneration, and More

15. Cell Interplay Model to Assess the Impact of Glioma Cells on Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability

Claudia Martins and Bruno Sarmento

16. An In Vitro Human Blood-Brain Barrier Model to Study Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis

Caroline Mysiorek, Lucie Dehouck, Fabien Gosselet, and Marie-Pierre Dehouck

17. An In Vivo Mouse Model to Study Blood-Brain Barrier Destabilization in the Chronic Phase of Stroke

Svetlana M. Stamatovic, Chelsea M. Phillips, Richard F. Keep, and Anuska V. Andjelkovic

18. Immunohistochemical Analysis of Tight Junction Proteins

Chris Greene and Matthew Campbell

19. An In Vitro BBB Model to Study Firm Shear-Stress Resistant Leukocyte Adhesion to Human Brain Endothelial Cells

Camilla Cerutti and Ignacio A. Romero

20. An In Vitro Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) to Study Alzheimer's Disease: The Role of -Amyloid and Its Influence on PBMC Infiltration

Simona Federica Spampinato, Yukio Takeshita, and Birgit Obermeier


ISBN-13: 9781071622889
Publisher: Springer (Springer-Verlag New York Inc.)
Publication date: May, 2022
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Subcategories: Anatomy, Neuroscience


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