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Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea
Filling the Gap Between Physicians and Engineers
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Main description:

The book focuses on biomedical innovations related to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. The latest diagnostic tools are described, including sleep laboratory equipment, wearables, and even smartphone apps. Innovative medical devices for treatment are also covered, such as CPAP, Auto-PAP, hypoglossal nerve stimulation, phrenic nerve stimulation, acoustic brain stimulation and electrical brain stimulation. This is an ideal book for biomedical engineers, pneumologists, neurologists, cardiologists, physiologists, ENT physicians, pediatrics, and epidemiologists who are interested in learning about the latest technologies in treating and diagnosing sleep apnea.


Section A Physiology

Physiology of sleep and circadian rhythms (L. Nobili, Italy)

Obstructive sleep apnea (W. McNicholas, Ireland)

Central sleep apnea (C. Schoebel, Germany)

Sleep apnea and cognition (Javier Gomez-Pilar, G. C. Gutierrez-Tobal, Spain)

Modelling of sleep related breathing disorders (M. Khoo, Los Angeles, USA)

Precision medicine for sleep apnea (Susheel Patil, Baltimore, USA)

Pediatric sleep apnea (David Gozal)

Sleep apnea comorbidities (Felix del Campo, Spain)

Section B Diagnostic innovations

Polysomnography and new sensors (M. Hirshkowitz, USA)

Common machine-learning methods applied to automatic detection of sleep apnea (Roberto Hornero and G. C. Gutierrez-Tobal, Spain)

Automatic sleep staging (P. Anderer, Vienna, Austria)

Home sleep apnea testing (T. Penzel Germany or N. Collop USA)

ECG and heart rate analysis (T. Penzel, Germany)

Cardiorespiratory coupling (T. Robert, Boston, USA)

Pulse wave analysis (A. Porta, Milano, Italy)

Oximetry analysis (Timo Leppanen, Kuopio, Finland)

Tracheal sound analysis (K. Sabil, Paris, France)

Respiratory signal analysis (Veronica Barroso, Spain)

Deep Learning in Sleep Apnea (Fernando Vaquerizo-Villar, Spain)

Mobile applications in sleep apnea context (Ainara Garde, Spain)

Section C Therapeutic innovations

APAP, BPAP, CPAP and new modes of positive airway pressure therapy (Karin Dhucan, Bosto, USA)

Hypoglossus nerve stimulation (C. Heiser, Munich)

Phrenic nerve stimulation

Mandibular advancement therapy

Acoustic stimulation to improve sleep apnea (V. Donic, Slovac Republic)

Adherence monitoring using telemedicine technology (H. Woehrle, Germany)


ISBN-13: 9783031064128
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: October, 2022
Pages: None
Weight: 954g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, Neurology


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