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Nanotherapeutics in Cancer Vaccination and Challenges
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Main description:

Nanotherapeutics in Cancer Vaccination and Challenges consolidates the current research on cancer nanomedicine and therapeutic cancer vaccination to explore the most effective and promising avenues. The book covers cancer vaccines before exploring nanotherapeutics, DNA and mRNA vaccines in cancer treatment. Finally, it considers regulatory and industrial perspectives on cancer vaccination and nanotherapeutics. This resource will be useful for pharmaceutical scientists and researchers focused on biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, vaccine development, and cancer immunotherapy, along with advanced students in these subjects.

Cancer is arguably the most complex and challenging disease known to mankind. Over the last two-decades, significant advancements have been made in new and novel concepts of cancer nanomedicines. Therapeutic cancer vaccines may be utilized to inhibit further growth of advanced cancers and/or relapsed tumors that are refractory to conventional therapies, such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.


1. Cancer vaccines: Past, present and future
2. Inorganic Nanoparticulate Carriers in management of Cancer: Theranostic and Toxicity Apprehension
3. Recent developments in cancer vaccines: Where are we?
4. Application of Nanotechnology assisted devices in cancer treatment
5. Protein Based Nanocarriers as a Potent Drug Delivery Vehicle for Cancer Therapy
6. Nanoparticle-based manipulation of antigen-presenting cells for cancer immunotherapy
7. Nanotechnology-based manipulation of dendritic cells for enhanced immunotherapy strategies
8. Peptide based anticancer targeted therapeutics: State of the Art
9. Polyplexes-based delivery systems for cancer vaccine delivery
10. Lipopolyplexes-based delivery system for cancer vaccine delivery
11. Inorganic nanoparticulate carriers in cancer vaccination
12. Functional nanomaterials and nanocomposites in cancer vaccines
13. DNA vaccines for cancer treatment: Challenges and promises
14. mRNA-based nanovaccines as newer treatment modalities in cancer
15. Cancer immunotherapy: Moving forward with peptide T cell vaccines
16. Product development and scale-up challenges in cancer vaccine development
17. Regulatory landscape in the approval of cancer vaccines
18. Cross-Presentation-based Nanovaccine for Cancer Immunotherapy
19. Immunotherapy based cancer Vaccines: State of the art
20. Therapeutics peptides in Anticancer therapy
21. Inorganic Nanoconjugates For Cancer Theragnosis


ISBN-13: 9780128236864
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: March, 2022
Pages: 420
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Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, Oncology, Pharmacology


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