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Nuclear Cardiology
Basic and Advanced Concepts in Clinical Practice
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Main description:

This book covers relevant concepts in nuclear cardiology, combining imaging techniques and clinical data to do so. Today, nuclear cardiology is a worldwide discipline connected to the broader field of cardiovascular imaging. The combination of clinical aspects (symptoms, medications, previous cardiac procedures), ancillary exams and nuclear images is key to decision-making in clinical practice. Thus, a book on this topic is essential to provide better outcomes for cardiology patients.

The chapters cover a comprehensive range of topics in current cardiology practice, such as ambulatory patients, patients in emergency settings, patients after complex cardiac procedures, and patients during and after the use of cancer therapies that are potentially toxic for the heart (cardio-oncology). As such, multiple clinical scenarios are also presented: patients with suspected coronary disease, patients with heart failure of unknown origin, patients with acute chest pain in the emergency department, patients with suspected pulmonary embolism, patients with complications of the left ventricular assist device, etc. Furthermore, the book describes nuclear cardiology procedures and techniques, discusses the main clinical indications and scenarios for each procedure, presents new technological advances in the field (machine learning and artificial intelligence tools), and mentions the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Given its scope, the book offers a valuable guide and videos for various medical professionals, especially cardiologists and nuclear physicians.


Part I - Basics

Chapter 1 - Nuclear Medicine Radiotracers in Cardiology

Chapter 2 - Cardiac PET Procedure

Chapter 3 - Cardiac SPECT Procedure

Chapter 4 - Quantification of Ischemia and Myocardial Blood Flow

Chapter 5 - Cardiac PET/MRI - MRI Techniques Applied to Cardiac PET

Chapter 6 - Non-nuclear Cardiac Imaging Modalities: Echocardiography, CT, MRI and Invasive Coronary Angiography

Chapter 7: Coronary Physiology - From Tracer Kinetics to Invasive FFR and iFR

Chapter 8: Myocardial Metabolism and Ventricular Function

Part II - Coronary Artery Disease

Chapter 9 - Coronary Blood Flow and Myocardial Ischemia

Chapter 10 - Molecular Imaging in Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease

Chapter 11 - PET and SPECT in Stable Ischemic Coronary Disease

Chapter 10 - PET and SPECT in Acute Coronary Syndromes

Chapter 11 - Nuclear Techniques after Coronary Revascularization

Chapter 12 - Physiologic or Anatomic Assessment of CAD: Patient-centered Approach

Chapter 13 - Microvascular Coronary Disease

Part III - Heart Failure

Chapter 14 - Pathophysiology of Heart Failure

Chapter 15 - PET and SPECT in the Evaluation of Viable Myocardium

Chapter 16 - Bone Tracers for the Diagnosis of Cardiac Amyloidosis

Chapter 17 - Adrenergic Nervous System Imaging in HF Management

Chapter 18 - Tako Tsubo Cardiomyopathy and Nuclear Imaging

Chapter 19 - PET and SPECT in Systemic Inflammatory Diseases - Sarcoidosis

Chapter 20 - PET and SPECT in Myocarditis and Vasculitis of Large Vessels

Chapter 20 - Evaluation of Complications of Circulatory Assist Devices

Part IV - Cardiac Arrhythmias

Chapter 21 - Sudden Cardiac Death: Pathophysiology and Clinical Aspects

Chapter 22 - 123I-MIBG in the Risk Stratification of Sudden Cardiac Death

Chapter 23 - Nuclear Imaging Guiding Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Part V - Cardiovascular Infections

Chapter 24 - PET and SPECT in Infective Endocarditis

Chapter 25 - PET and SPECT in Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices Infections

Part VI - Cardio-oncology

Chapter 26 - The Clinical Basis of Heart Damage by Chemo and Radiotherapy

Chapter 27 - Nuclear Medicine Tools for Cardiac Damage Diagnosis in Oncology

Part VII -Nuclear Cardiology use in Emergency Department

Chapter 28 - Chest Pain Evaluation - Diagnosis and Risk Stratification

Chapter 29 - Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism

Chapter 30 - Nuclear Medicine in Tako Tsubo Cardiomyopathy

Part VII - Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Nuclear Cardiology

Chapter 31 - Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Cardiology


ISBN-13: 9783030621971
Publisher: Springer (Springer Nature Switzerland AG)
Publication date: February, 2022
Pages: 800
Weight: 1240g
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Subcategories: Accident & Emergency Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Radiology, Respiratory Medicine


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